The History of the Worcester District Medical Society (WDMS)

History 1
History 2

In 1954 Dr. Paul F. Bergin who was, at the time, the Society’s secretary wrote a history of the WDMS. This consisted of two typescript copies.

To disseminate and celebrate our long history, in 1994 Dr. John J. Massarelli, a past president of the Society, edited the typescript from which we published the History of the Society 1795-1954 as a bound book.

Subsequently, Dr. Massarelli took it upon himself to extend our written history up to our 200th anniversary year by authoring the follow up history of 1954-1994. Of some interest, the original title was “A Fraternity of Physicians” but upon reflection and especially in view of chapter 25 the title was changed and the book was published in 1995 as “A Dr. Peter SchneiderCommunity of Physicians”.

A special thank you to Dr. Peter Schneider for his tireless efforts in reproducing our history online.

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