Spoken History Project

B. Dale Magee, MD, MS Director, Spoken History Project

What we need today is a compass.  All about us is changing.  Now more than ever we need the calm sense of purpose and direction that comes with experience.  Our colleagues who have come before us have lived a profession defined as much by change as it is by the bond between the doctor and the patient.  Their experience and their vision are vital to the evolution of our profession.

Imagine how good it would be to hear about the day-to-day practice of medicine from not only the icons such as Holmes and Osler, but also the rank and file physicians practicing every day medicine.  What did they see? How did they treat patients? What were their worries and successes?  What was their life like outside of their practice?

Our history is vital to our future.  Join us as we listen to the stories and let the lives of our colleagues become a part of us.