As part of its mission to advance medical knowledge and to promote the highest professional and ethical standards of medical practice and health care, WDMS publishes a bi-monthly magazine, called Worcester Medicine.  The goal of this publication is to provide informative, timely, and topical articles to our medical community that reference contemporary medical experience and environment.  Our own Editorial Board determines the content, focusing on a central theme for each issue, relevant to the current state of health care and its delivery. Authors of the articles for each issue are drawn primarily from health care professionals in the Central Massachusetts area and do not need to be members of WDMS. The Editorial Board is committed to producing a magazine that provides an outlet for the multiple voices of health care providers and that reflects a collaborative approach across all health care providers and institutions.

Worcester Medicine has a long history within the organization.   First published in February 1937 (as Worcester Medical News) it has changed over the years to account for the interests and concerns of our members. The existing version of what is now Worcester Medicine, was first published in the Winter of 1990. We are grateful to the editors who have helped manage this publication since then and to the members of the editorial boards over those years.

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